Quit Smoking
Without cravings, crankiness with 95% success rates
Are you TIRED?
Tired of spending $15 per day? $450 per month?
Tired of being TIRED?
Tired of the dreaded "AROMA"?
Tired of worrying about CANCER or EMPHYSEMA?

(When you spend the cost of 1 month of smoking with us you will save $5,110 per YEAR!)

Listen to Leslie's Story!
How LaserQuit works
We're offering you LaserQuit Smoking package $449 PLUS 3 month appetite suppressant treatments (A $250 VALUE) FREE!

Our spiel (detailed information)

By releasing massive amounts of endorphins in your brain using the laser we are able to remove the craving and desire in 85% of clients. These clients who don't struggle use their 4 treatments up to 8 weeks apart.

15% of clients struggle with the habit though the physical craving is gone. These clients can use their treatments as close as 5 days apart or as far as the 8 weeks. These clients may use the support we offer thru call or text and still find amazing success!

Our STANDARD quit smoking package offers initial treatment and consultation plus 3 additional follow up treatments as well as sponsor-like support. $449

Remember, this offer is for the LaserQuit Smoking package $449 PLUS 3 month appetite suppressant treatments (A $250 VALUE) FREE!

Need more information before proceeding?

Call 1 (877) 310 - QUIT, press 1. The details of all the services we offer will be listed! Prefer to text or speak to someone directly? Call or text (250) 571-9879!

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What You Will Get From Us:
 #1: Consultation
We send you an appointment confirmation that contains a link to a YouTube video that provides you with a basic consultation which is followed up with a discussion about your specific habits and triggers to provide more understanding about your addiction. When you know, you can choose to change.
#2: LaserQuit Treatment
Relaxing 20 minute treatment in a quiet, dimly lit room with quiet music playing. Is there a better way?
#3: Sponsor-like Follow up Support
Text or call our follow up number for support, for suggestions on ways to get thru tough moments or just to vent in a time you would have smoked. We will support you through the challenges creating a more successful YOU!
  What People Are Saying:
"My life has been changed forever"
 I was a smoker for over 20 years and I am now past the 2 year mark of successfully being quit. I am now at the point I never ever think about it. I have tried quitting many times with other programs and always started again. Meridee was extremely professional and reassuring during my session and I am so glad that I took the leap and followed through.
Giselle - Dawson Creek
"I thought there was no hope"
I smoked for 55 years and thought I would never quit. I tried every thing mostly with nicotine patch. After my 4th trip to hospital for asthma I decided to try laser therapy after a friend said it worked for her. It is working I will celebrate l year next month. One word of advice do not have cigs on you and none at home. it is amazing that you don't need nicotine.
Linda - Kamloops
"Sounds CRAZY but it isn't"
So....."Lasers"....sounds goofy right?
Well I thought the same thing. But after many attempts to quit chewing tobacco on my own over the past 20 years, I thought I'd give it a go. After 35 minutes of this treatment, i was left with zero craving, zero "nic fits"...amazed that after a couple of PEW PEW LASER BEAMS, I'm free of tobacco...just amazed...may need more cards to pass out....Thanks so much
Bill, Chilliwack
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